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Plants are terrible listeners. Make more delicious leaves for me to put in my food! Farmers and florists share my pain, but on a larger scale. If only plants could hear our requests. Plants use light to do many things. The first that probably comes to mind is making food, or energy.

  • The top grow lights as recommended by our house plant fanatics
  • Should You Put Indoor Plants in the Rain?
  • The best plant shops in Singapore for indoor plants and more
  • How to save your seedlings when they’re long, thin and pale
  • Experts offer a potted guide to the hazards of festive foliage
  • How to Water Your Indoor Plants The Right Way

The top grow lights as recommended by our house plant fanatics

First-time plant parents love low-maintenance pothos and sansevieria because they are easy, but what about fussy staples like orchids and fiddle-leaf figs? It should come as no surprise that many of the people who bonded with their houseplants while stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic are now looking to elevate their plant collections.

Erin Marino, brand director at the Sill , said the plant company experienced increased traffic and sales due to the pandemic. Despite the limitations of curbside pickup and social distancing, independent garden centers experienced increased sales during the pandemic. Your common questions about indoor plants, answered. Lack of light? Need to get rid of gnats?

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about houseplants. Whether neon, architectural, miniature or gothic black, the latest trends, and hottest houseplants, are a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic. A look at what to expect inAs the pandemic continued and people stayed home, Americans turned to their plants for reassurance.

Annette Gutierrez, co-owner of Potted , said that at times she feels like a therapist. She was so distraught because the plant kept wilting and not thriving. We had a therapy session, and she left feeling like less of a failure and armed with a little more knowledge and support. I love seeing how people are connecting with each other regarding their plant problems and successes.

The slow grower has a striking, gothic look with bright green growth that matures to a rich, purple-black hue. A spokesman for Costa Farms, which has the exclusive rights to produce and sell the plant, said the rare ZZ, a popular topic on Reddit, will be shipping to California stores that purchase its Trending Tropicals collection. The 10 best hanging plants for creating an indoor jungle.

Want to turn your living room into a jungle? These hanging plants are a good place to start. Look for other miniatures to trend this year, including string-of-pearls, happy bean and petite terrarium plants. A post shared by thejuicyleaf thejuicyleaf. Because of the pandemic, several plant stores have been forced to host virtual classes and workshops in place of in-person events. Felix Navarro of the Juicy Leaf hosts regular potting classes on Instagram.

Thanks to the allure of growing your own food, edible plants will continue to grow in popularity as people continue to spend time at home, said Mast. Many herbs, including common culinary herbs such as basil and oregano, can be grown on a kitchen windowsill, as long as you have about four to six hours of sunlight.

Why millennials are plant addicts. Expect hoyas to continue to be popular with collectors and the succulent stapeliads, which are prized for their unique flowers.

Neon plants will make a big splash in spring and throughout summer, according to Jaime Curtis of Greenwood Shop in Valley Village. Plant propagation will be particularly big in the next year as many first-time plant owners perfect their horticultural skills. The best houseplant for your zodiac sign. Black Raven ZZ plants for Aquarius. Fiddle-leaf figs for Taurus.

How to pair houseplants with your sun sign. Look for Ficus altissima and Ficus benghalensis to replace the popular but finicky Ficus lyrata , otherwise known as fiddle-leaf fig.

It used to be that plants set the stage for offices. Now they set the stage for Zoom meetings, classes and video calls that can land you on Twitter accounts like Room Rater. Because our homes have become our offices, several stores, including Plants. A big way to make a statement is with plants, and according to Mickey Hargitay of Mickey Hargitay Plants , the weirder the better.

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Lisa Boone is a features writer for the Los Angeles Times. Since , she has covered home design, gardening, parenting, houseplants, even youth sports. She is a native of Los Angeles. More From the Los Angeles Times. Comic: A kitchen composting guide for beginners. Affairs: He was emotionally available. But also, vegan. Christmas season is also catfishing season. Lonely in L.

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By Lisa Boone Staff Writer. Lifestyle Your common questions about indoor plants, answered. Amanda Lim started her plant collection when struggling with depression. It also connected me to a close-knit houseplant community on Instagram, where people all around the world shared their best care tips and their own stories on how plants improved their mental health.

Raven ZZ plant. Lifestyle The 10 best hanging plants for creating an indoor jungle. You can pack a terrarium with plenty of different plants without taking a lot of space. View this post on Instagram. The micro tomato plant is designed to grow indoors. A stapelia starfish flower in bloom. A neon philodendron cordatum. A Monstera deliciosa cutting takes root in water.

Lifestyle The best houseplant for your zodiac sign. Is the fiddle-leaf fig plant on its way out? Potted plants include, from left: Xerosicyos danguyii, Anthurium ottonis, Peperomia argyreia, Selenicereus anthonyanus. Enter email address. Lisa Boone. Follow Us twitter email facebook. Lifestyle Comic: A kitchen composting guide for beginners. Lifestyle L. Technology Christmas season is also catfishing season. Lifestyle For Subscribers.

Should You Put Indoor Plants in the Rain?

Wondering if buying plants online is worth it? It is, I promise! Here are my tips for buying plants on Etsy. Hey guys! Etsy is a great place to buy plants for a few reasons. I also like the fact that I can buy cuttings of more expensive plants on Etsy and grow them myself. Plus cuttings are easier to ship!

Drooping leaves. Dried leaves. It's pretty easy (and heartbreaking) to spot a sick houseplant. Who among us has brought home a healthy plant.

The best plant shops in Singapore for indoor plants and more

With their glossy emerald leaves and petite shape, China doll plants make for an attractive addition to any indoor home garden collection. Native to the subtropical mountainous areas of Asia, China doll plants are evergreen trees that are a part of the Bignoniaceae family. When cared for indoors, they are moderately fast growers and can reach heights between 4 and 6 feet at maturity. When growing indoors, the China doll plant can be started and grown all year long. It's a bit picky about its growing conditions specifically when it comes to light and soil , but if you maintain them, you'll be rewarded with a feathery, eye-catching plant perfect for bringing a pop of greenery to any corner of your home. China doll plants require specific growing conditions in order to thrive indoors and can be fussy if these conditions are not met. The most important thing to remember when growing a China doll plant is that they require lots of light and moisture and do not react well to frequent changes in their growing conditions. Leaf drop commonly occurs in China doll plants if their growing conditions are not right or change too quickly.

How to save your seedlings when they’re long, thin and pale

Reddit is an excellent resource for plant parents looking for fellow green enthusiasts who can share advice about growing flowers, vegetables, houseplants, and more! Or, you may even discover a plant without a care label at all. While you could upload a plant picture into an app or do a reverse Google image search, you might not always find the right match, especially if your plant is a rare one. In addition to identification, many helpful users will offer tips and tricks as well! Some people will even upload pictures of plants they find out in the wild in local areas to solicit information.

Planning and Zoning.

Experts offer a potted guide to the hazards of festive foliage

What could you possibly have to learn from a houseplant? The music sounds, at first, like it belongs in a power yoga studio: electronic and rhythmic, rising and falling like breaths. But then a higher pitch juts into the mix, and the strains of sound diverge, becoming faster-paced and a bit more like electronic dance music. The rise and swell fluctuates, not entirely predictable. The artists at work are, ostensibly, plants: a philodendron, two schefflera and a snake plant. Plant music is coming to you, or rather, it's there if you seek it out — and there are plenty of musicians these days waiting to be discovered.

How to Water Your Indoor Plants The Right Way

Our editors independently selected these items because we think you will enjoy them and might like them at these prices. If you purchase something through our links, we may earn a commission. Pricing and availability are accurate as of publish time. Indoor plants not only act as a quick decorating tool , they also help clean the environment and air around them. But if you're worried you have a black thumb, fret not! Note: If you've got kids or pets, be sure to check if the plant is toxic before purchasing. Why you want it: First of all, this indoor plant has an air-purifying quality that can absorb and strip toxins like formaldehyde from materials in the home like carpet. How neat is that?

China doll plants are attractive, vibrant houseplants that require specific conditions to thrive. Learn how to grow your own indoors with.

I love when people are excited or eager to get a plant for their home, especially if they didn't have luck the first time around. It means that they're willing to give it another go, and maybe this time, they'll be a bit more in tune to their quiet, green companion. If I'm having a passing conversation, I'll ask a few quick questions, like what kind of light do you have in your home or office?

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A total of original posts OPs were classified into one of ten topics and primary responses were analyzed for accuracy. Most posts in the analyzed subreddits related to confusion regarding the design and implementation of appropriate hydroponic production systems. In addition, misinformation about plant lighting is a major part of discussions about growing plants indoors. There are also knowledge gaps regarding nutrient solution management, particularly about fertilizer formulation, pH balance, and on the impact that solution temperature has on plant growth and development. In general, there were no differences among response accuracy for all topics included in our analysis.

It is both challenging and exciting to grow and cultivate plants. Growing and caring for plants is not an easy task.

The Monstera Guide is a resource for plant parents who want to provide the best care for their Monstera Deliciosa, from beginner questions to advanced topics. Houseplants are a hobby that should bring joy and peace to your home, not stress. As a new plant parent, when my first Monstera had a leaf turn yellow, I turned to the internet for answers and was completely overwhelmed. Searching through blog posts, Facebook groups, and Reddit threads, I found conflicting information everywhere I looked. One picture of a sick plant lead to comments with multiple opposite diagnoses.

Based in Wildwood, Staehling expresses her love of nature across the spectrum of her work, from art prints to dinnerware and stationery. What plants make a big impact in a small space? One of my favorite plants to use in a small room is the snake plant. Snake plants have a sleek, slender leaf that looks architectural, so they add a design element while also adding a touch of green.

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