Best landscape designs 2018

Best landscape designs 2018

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Apps have become an integral part of design and architecture. Now rather than reaching for a ruler, architects can quickly calculate dimensions by pulling out their smartphone. Accurate site analysis helps determine what hazards or challenges the landscape might present and what you can accomplish in your design. It can help you identify strengths and weaknesses of the existing space and plan how to optimize them through your design. Take note of topography, water drainage and patterns of shade and sunlight to determine where and what types of foliage will thrive in that climate and space. You can also plan the best locations for pathways, patios and more.

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Landezine Newsletter

You are a landscape designer also, so you know that everything is in the place. All is in the light of the place. I speak all the time about my obsession to reap the place in the earth, in the surroundings.

I think the ideas are in the earth, and they becomes possible to understand with more light. Fundamentally, this is my approach to the place. Your landscapes are heavily rooted in geometry. How do you see these perfect squares, rectangles and circles interacting with the natural world? The beginning is the light, then the surroundings follow.

When you understand the surroundings, immediately your mind begins to understand and interpret the place through its geometry. The human mind is geometrical. The mind projects the geometry inside itself to understand the world. You were trained as a philosopher; what is the guiding philosophy of a Caruncho garden? A garden is a sacred space of knowledge—in relation with nature, with geometry, with the site and with the light.

To discover the world you need geometry. Why is geometry fundamental? It is a receptacle of light. One geometric form is fundamental to receive the light. And when you put together geometry with light, the knowledge begins to illuminate your mind. If you put geometry and light together, the energies of nature, the emotion and discovery is incredible.

Well, I really think it has been my safeguard. I have had, as has everybody, lots of trouble in life. My father showed me the mountains here in Chile, which are really strong, and the ocean. In a way, when I cannot handle my own life anymore, I go out into nature and I get to know who I am and I love everything that is there.

It is a cycle; life is about process. How do you bring that spirit into your garden design work? We are really lucky to design with plants and all types of materials that are part of these life cycles and processes, so you think of that when you are designing. You are thinking of how life is going to come through the creek in autumn and then in winter. It is going to be something alive that is changing all the time.

Flowers come and go, leaves and water and everything is moving! In this line of work you are always being reminded that life is movement, life is process, life is changing. If we were to remember that every day we would be so happy, no? In the Punta Pite project that's referenced so often in your work you really collaborated with the natural landscape, knowing when to intervene versus leave things naturally. How did your concept evolve?

I have this idea that we should do as little as possible and it comes from respecting what is there. It comes from knowing that I cannot do better than nature, so my work has to be placed only where it is needed. There has to be a need for it. The building was designed to complement the natural forms of the land, with minimal environmental impact. Photo by Liza Voloshin. Javier Senosiain, Architect, Mexico What inspired you to create when you started your practice?

Has that changed? What inspires you today? Inspiration comes from investigation and hard work. We first make an investigation that is divided in four steps: the basic needs of the customer, an analysis of the site or terrain, research of analogue buildings and finally a functioning diagram.

What role does symbolism and mythology play in your work? Sometimes when designing a project or when construction is taking place one can visualize the shape of an animal or a symbol, but it comes naturally. In a few cases this shape or figure is emphasized.

In the case of the Organic House , once the studio was finished we noticed it looked like a shark, so in order to emphasize the form we added the dorsal fin. How much was planned before you began versus as the project evolved? From the beginning, the terrain was very special as it was surrounded by caves and a long canyon. We started our project by working with a model using a floating tube similar to the ones used by children in swimming pools.

The idea was that the tube was flexible and organic in order to move throughout the special topography of the land. In the end, this provided the structure for 10 apartments. The main structure was planned and some elements—like the head and tail of the snake—were added as the project progressed.

When seeing the canyon with its existing oak trees and a garden integrated to the forest I feel calm, harmony, mystery, and at the same time astonishment and curiosity. Shop Magazine Subscriptions Apparel. Current Issue WinterShop View Issue. Words Lily Kwong. Sign Up for the Cultured Newsletter Sure, we can be close friends. Unfiltered access awaits. Related Stories. Jareh Das. Elizabeth Fazzare. Architecture Fashion Literature.

Lauren Jade Hill.

Enhancing Your Relationship with the Outdoors

With more than submissions for the Awards program, only TWO residential projects were selected for this …. Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design LLC — a national-award-winning landscape architecture firm in Stoneham, Massachusetts — seeks a passionate, energetic, and talented individual to join our team as a Designer. This is an entry-level position, and we value honest, reliable, and pragmatic people who are thoughtful, organized, and focused. If you have an opportunity to pick up the current issue of New England Home magazine, take a look at the beautiful story about our Brattle Street Garden by Kyle Hoepner and Megan Fulweiler, featuring photos by Laura Moss and yours truly!

Outdoor dining spaces also continue to be a trend in Most outdoor dining spaces tend to be built directly off the rear of the home. The newest designs.

44 Small Backyard Landscape Designs to Make Yours Perfect

Landscape Designer ZDA will survey your outdoors and design a unique landscape to fit your needs and compliment the natural surroundings. ZDA designs your residential outdoor living space to create personal, private space for outdoor living, dining, and kitchen prep. The richness of materials we use enhance the urban lines of your backyard. Deliberate, minimalist, and low maintenance plant selection soften the space, providing privacy and a sense of place. Heated patios keep snow off paved walks and driveways in the winter, allowing you and your family family to use the space year-round. Perennial Gardens can serve as beautiful transitions between your home and nature. Because perennial gardens remain in the ground all year, their roots have access to all available rain water.

The DIRT on 2018

Window Trim I think it turned out nice! A small house in orange county, california, received a makeover by benedict august. Subscribe to Blog via Email. Save Photo.

No one will argue that a well-cared-for lawn can make a yard look appealing.

2018 Best of Design Awards winners for Landscape — Residential

Many property managers recognize the value and importance of a well-maintained and beautiful landscape and its impact on how people view your property and brand. While there are endless possibilities when it comes to sprucing up your property and making it appear more inviting, here are some of our expert golden rules for great landscape design. The team at Complete Landsculpture has been helping commercial properties define their vision and transform their landscapes for over thirty years. You can get a snapshot into some of our ideas below. This is your first chance to draw customers in so make it inviting and have a clearly defined pathway. Good landscape designers will highlight entrance points and use a mix of hardscapes and plants to create attractive visual statements.

8 Landscape Design Tips And Trends

Writers like to predict trends. Garden magazine writers and experts across the country have forecast noteworthy ideas shaping the landscape world inWhat the articles say and what professionals in the landscaping industry experience are often very different. As a voice of the landscape industry rather than a magazine with an agenda, I find their report balanced and fair. You can read the article here. Each year I try to highlight topics of growing importance in landscaping for you.

ARA HOME: 48 Fresh And Beautiful Front Yard Landscaping Ideas Garden Update - Finally letting you all in on my biggest project of ! More information.

2018 HGTV Ultimate Outdoor Awards

Experts in landscape design are always thinking ahead. If you are about to begin a landscaping project of your own, with or without the help of a landscaper, then read on. We are blessed here in Australia to have, mostly, mild year-round temperatures.

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These are our favorite new landscape design trends for long-term style. Low-maintenance gardens are sustainable gardens. We receive increasing requests for drought-tolerant plants, less turf, and more hardscape as homeowners seek landscapes that limit water usage , and require less work. H ardscape and drought-tolerant plants still require regular care to keep them in great condition and disease-free. Consult your landscape professional to see what type of low-maintenance landscape will work best for your location, soil, and style. Many of our homeowners in requested small, intimate spaces within their greater outdoor landscapes.

The philosophy at Austin Ganim Landscape Design is focused on creating timeless landscapes, offering a full range of design, installation and maintenance services for both residential and commercial properties of all sizes and styles.

Sublime Landscape Gardeners started between old and new landscaping generations in Cork. Over the years Sublime landscaping have received multiple awards for design and construction projects, awarded nationally and internationally. Sublime Landscape Gardeners provide affordable, unmatched quality, low maintenance and durable projects suited to Irish weather conditions. Having kept up to date with materials, planting and construction methods, combined with over 30 years of proven old school landscaping techniques, we guarantee a truly Sublime experience from design to completion of your landscaping project. An outdoor space that you enjoy spending time in, is an investment in the experience you and your family will have at your home. A beautiful garden makes you feel good and adds to your general well being.

Over the past few years we decided to try something new and plunge into the world of awards. Building on our successes throughout , we have now been recognised at the Pro Landscaper Business Awards! As this is the first year that we have entered, we are very proud to have won an award.


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