Horticulture therapy curriculum

Horticulture therapy curriculum

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View full page. Please refer to the LMS for up-to-date subject information, including assessment and participation requirements, for subjects being offered inIn this subject you will study research, applications and practice of therapeutic landscapes across social, community, horticultural and education settings. The content includes methods and approaches used in therapeutic horticulture, horticultural therapy programs, planning, design and construction of therapeutic landscapes, models and examples of successful practice in school, childrens and community gardens. Field visits and practical activities form part of the content.

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  • Current State of the Horticultural Therapy Profession in the United States
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Program Outcomes

Need Assistance? Horticultural therapy is used for people with a wide range of cognitive, physical and social skills, including those people:. Gardening is both one of the most popular leisure time pursuits, as well as a significant commercial industry:. There are many benefits to be gained from horticultural therapy.

These benefits are both physical and psychological. If you have any questions or want to know more, get in touch with our specialist Horticulture tutors today.

They will be pleased to help you! Duration approx hours. Qualification Statement of Attainment. Interested in horticulture therapy? Want to help others? Involvement with plants and time spent in gardens has also been used for many years as a viable part of aged care, convalescing, and more. Please note that if you choose the 'e-learning' course on USB method, be aware that due to current covid restrictions there are some countries we can not send USB sticks to.

We recommend you choose the online learning method as all online courses provide access to download course notes to access offline or print. If you do require your course to be supplied on USB stick then please contact us first to check availability for your country.

It's easy to enrol Courses can be started anytime from anywhere in the world! Click here for more details. Meet some of our academics Dr Lynette Morgan Horticulture Lyn worked with Rivendell Mushroom Farm between and 88; and then as a research assistant and technician for a few years while undertaking university studies.

In she graduated from Massey University with a Bachelor of Horticultural Science Hons which covered broad horticultural sciences, as well as nursery vegetable and fruit production. Throughout the 90's she worked in both the nursery industry and horticultural crop production, before establishing her own business "Suntec" which has built an exceptional international reputation providing consulting services; particularly in hydroponic crop production.

Dr Morgan has a broad expertise in horticulture and crop production, and a keen appreciation of the global scene. Her training was extensive covering both amenity and production horticulture; developing pactical skills and a deep understanding of the sciences that underpin horticulture.

She worked with the Agriculture Dept in Victoria as a consultant or advisor to both farmers and home gardeners. Over the years, her experience has been as broad as her training, working on radio with ABC radio, a garden editor with several major publications and as a teacher, writer, garden designer and consultant. Rosemary has led several garden tours to the UK and Europe. She has written six gardening books and collaborated on many others. Rosemary brings a unique personality, knowledge base and passion to the school; an an infectious love of horticulture in support of our students.

She holds a B. Sc Hort,, Dip. Over 45 years experience; working in Australia and the UK. He is one of the most widely published garden writers in the world; author of more than books and editor for 4 different gardening magazines. John has been recognised by his peers being made a fellow of the Institute of Horticulture in the UK, as well as by the Australian Institute of Horticulture. Check out our eBooks Garden Design Part 1 The Garden Design ebook part 1 is an essential handbook for students and landscape professionals.

A foundation guide to garden design, this book provides stunning full illustrations to demonstrate tips and examples on garden design, functional uses and aesthetics. Garden Design Part 2 Part 2 of the Garden Design Series is an inspiring accompaniment to the first book, but works equally well in its own right. The Garden Design Part 2 ebook is ideal for students and landscaping professionals.

Brimming with ideas and practical advice for designing a wide variety of different gardens. You will learn about different styles of gardens and how to create a style to suit a site or client.

Medicinal Herbs The Medicinal Herbs ebook is a practical guide for anyone who is interested in using herbs for medicinal purposes. This ebook is a fascinating read that looks into the chemicals in herbs and their effects on the body.

Illustrations and descriptions included in this help you identify the plants effectively. Starting a Garden or Landscape Business Expert advice on how to get started in your own garden or landscape business! Packed with valuable business advice, horticultural and landscaping knowledge, and practical ideas - this book is a must have for garden lovers. It is great for anyone thinking about or already involved in , a horticultural, landscaping or garden business.

This updated re-print is only available as an ebook. Course Enquiry Fill the form and send us your questions. Our staff will contact you shortly. First Name. Last Name. Preferred Contact Method Email Phone. I am 18 or over.

University of Florida starts horticultural therapy course

Sometimes programs are developed with a group focus, and at other times they are tailored for the needs of an individual. The therapist may work with a small group, or they may work one on one with individuals. They often work closely with health care professionals or other service providers eg. A physiotherapist may better understand the physical needs and limitations of an accident victim. A horticultural therapist working with a physiotherapist can develop a program of horticultural activities for an individual, that is tailored to their needs and leads to effective rehabilitation.

The course is delivered at University Centre Myerscough and awarded by the University of Central Lancashire. Key characteristics required when working with.

Current State of the Horticultural Therapy Profession in the United States

You can study this course from the comfort of your own home; in your own time and at your own pace; with helpful support and encouragement from our friendly tutors. From ancient times, gardens have played a vital role in the healing traditions of many cultures. The garden and its creation provide ways for experiencing healing in a very accessible and personal way. The power of the earth and the changing power of vegetation that fruits and seeds, and then is reborn to grow and fruit again, is enriching to the physical body and to the emotions of the mind. This course is designed to help you design, grow and maintain your own Garden of Healing. On successful completion of this course, you have received training designed as either a foundation qualification leading to further studies to attain a practitioner level, or professional development to gain additional skills and knowledge to expand the practice of the existing therapist. You can study in your own time, at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home. If you have any questions, or would like feedback or encouragement about your course or your studies then you can contact our friendly tutors by phone, email or post. At the end of each lesson are a set of questions.


Horticultural therapy is a powerful way for working therapeutically with people. An exciting, emerging industry - step outside of the norm, follow your passions, and develop an interesting and highly rewarding career - become a Horticultural Therapist. Each lesson culminates in an assignment which is submitted to the school, marked by the school's tutors and returned to you with any relevant suggestions, comments, and if necessary, extra reading. Whilst a horticultural therapist is not expected to be an expert in disability, it is important that they are aware of what a disability is. There are various definitions of disability, but a useful one is detailed in the UK Disability Discrimination Act.

Horticultural Therapy HT and Therapeutic Horticulture TH use plants, gardens, and the natural landscape to improve cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Established in , the Research Exchange Group on Horticultural Therapy is a forum for people from community, private sector, academic, healthcare and educational settings to exchange knowledge about horticultural therapy for diverse populations and in a wide variety of settings.

Horticulture Therapy Program

Horticultural Therapy in PracticeTo promote the highest quality of Horticultural Therapy treatment and rehabilitation for people who suffer from mental illness and addiction. In line with the mission of the Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association , this site serves to promote the use and awareness of horticulture as a therapeutic modality. Additionally, the Horticultural Therapy e-distance course is committed to supporting the mission, vision, beliefs, of Horticultural Therapy in Practice values and adhering to the Code of Ethics of the Canadian and American Horticultural Therapy Associations. Horticultural Therapy acknowledges and honours all practitioners and students who seek the knowledge to celebrate natures healing powers through plant-people relationships, including persons of all sexual orientations, identities, races, abilities, ages and talents.

Horticultural Therapy Classes

Thrive are still providing learning opportunities so you can make the most of our experience and expertise. We have developed four blended courses that combine live events with additional online content accessible on our tried and tested online learning platform. We have additional free and paid for online learning so whether you are new or experienced in using gardening for health and wellbeing we have opportunities for you to develop your understanding and skills. New content is being developed constantly to ensure everyone with an interest in our field can continue to grow. Below is a list of our current and upcoming online training courses in date order. Some online courses are available all year round so will appear without a date.

Master Gardener Program. The Penn State Extension Master Gardeners of Cumberland County conduct therapeutic horticulture activities at extended care and.

Horticulture Therapy

Learn more. If you have passions for both plants and helping people, horticultural therapy offers the best of both by teaching you how to bring people and the natural environment together for healing purposes. Acquire the therapeutic skills and horticultural techniques needed to serve a diverse population of people in need.

You could use horticultural therapy as part of a wider role, like occupational therapy. With experience and further study, you could move into a supervisory role, or research. You can find out more about becoming a horticultural therapist from Thrive and the Chartered Institute of Horticulture. Search our website Search our website Search. Skip to main content.

Need Assistance? Horticultural therapy is used for people with a wide range of cognitive, physical and social skills, including those people:.

Include Synonyms Include Dead terms. Back to results. This final report includes two major components: a narrative describing a project at Edmonds Community College, Washington, to develop a horticultural therapy curriculum and descriptions of six courses developed or revised during the project. The narrative reports the development of a supplementary interdisciplinary certification program to train individuals already working in the horticulture and human services areas through the cooperation of the horticulture and social and human services departments. Procedures included a literature review, personal contact with authorities in the field, and community involvement at a symposium. Results of needs evaluations of students and agencies conducted at the symposium and a third-party evaluation are also discussed.

While horticultural therapy HT has a long history in the United States, the profession has not had the acceptance and growth that related fields, such as art, music, recreational, occupational, and physical therapies have experienced. The objective of this study was to identify the current challenges and opportunities of HT in the United States. A total of 27 participants were interviewed between Nov. This paper will discuss the challenges and opportunities presented in the six themes and provide recommendations for the future growth of the HT profession.

Watch the video: Horticulture Therapy - Growing vegetables for physical and mental well-being


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